Built for the community. Simply hold BNBD to join the journey and experience all the benefit from BNB Diamond.

100% SECURE LIQUIDITY- The Liquidity Pool is auto-locked at launch in Partnership with Unicrypt. This liquidity pool is forever increasing with every transaction (through the Quartermaster Fee).


Q2 2021- Official Launch

  • Smart Contract Design & Setup
  • Testnet Launch
  • Whitepaper
  • Website Launch
  • Initial Liquidity Event on Unicrypt

Q3 2021- Phase 1

  • Liquidity Lock with Unicrypt
  • Audit Smart Contract
  • Launch on Pancakeswap
  • Release Full Governance (DAO) Vote
  • Cex Listing (Tier 2 Exchange)
  • Release MVP dAPP Pair Explorer

Q3 v2 2021- Phase 2

  • Launch dApp Pairs on Binance Smart Chain
  • Limit Order

Q4 2021- Phase 3

  • Release Trading Strategies Bot
  • Partnerships Rollout

Q1 2022- NFT Market

  • Launch NFT Marketplace Under Binance Smart Chain

BNB Diamond


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